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The town of Balchik, Bulgaria

The town of Balchik sprawls scenically along hilly terraces descending from the Dobruja plateau to the sea. Here are the impressive Quiet Nest Palace, constructed between 1926 and 1937 for the needs of Queen Marie of Romania. You can visit also the Botanical Garden at the Palace, the largest in Bulgaria and the Balkans.

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Iskar River Gorge

The Iskar gorge is a 70 km gorge passing through the Balkan Mountains (Stara Planina). There is a road and a railway through the pass, following the course of the Iskar River. The canyon walls are made of limestone and sandstone, which was carved down by the Iskar over thousands of years, resulting in rugged crags and towers throughout. At one point, the walls are nearly 300 metres tall.

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The Picturesque Mountainous Village Of Dobarsko Covered By Snow

The village of Dobarsko, Rhodopes is known for its 25-metre waterfall, Shtrokaloto, its two old Eastern Orthodox churches and the many consecrated grounds and chapels in the area, as well as the view of three of Bulgaria’s highest and largest mountains from the village. It is set at 1,070 m above sea level on the southern slopes of Rila with the westernmost Rhodope Mountains to the east and Pirin to the south near the valley of the Mesta River.

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The picturesque Pomak village of Avramovo in the Rhodopes

The Rhodopes are a mountain range in Southeastern Europe, with over 83% of its area in southern Bulgaria and the remainder in Greece. The sparsely populated area of the Rhodopes has been a place of ethnic and religious diversity for hundreds of years. Apart from the Eastern Orthodox Bulgarians and Greeks, the mountains are also home to a number of Muslim communities, including the Pomaks.

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Veliko Tarnovo in winter

Veliko Tarnovo is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria. Veliko Tarnovo was declared a Balkan capital of cultural tourism, and a few times it was awarded the prize The Most Beautiful Town in Bulgaria. Besides its historical hills, Veliko Tarnovo is also famous for its multiple orthodox temples.

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