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The architectural and folklore reserve of the village of Shiroka Laka, Rhodopes

Shiroka Laka is a village in the very south of Bulgaria. It is a proclaimed architectural and folklore reserve and lies in the central Rhodope Mountains. Shiroka Laka is known not only for its old Bulgarian architecture, but also for its singing tradition and the kaba gaida, a local type of bagpipe. Some of the most prominent singers of Rhodopean music stem from the village, and many of the local families are well familiar with the style.

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Abandoned village of Dzhanka, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

The abandoned and ruined houses of Dzhanka village are scattered in a ravishing landscape. The village of Kovil, which is nearby, is very picturesque as well. There is an ancient Thracian complex from Late Bronze and Early Iron Age found in the region. Nearby the village of Dzhanka is located one of the waterfalls of the river Dushan dere, declared a natural landmark, and 11 cliff niches in the neighborhood Kalvach, which also can be visited.

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The church in Dolno Lukovo

In Dolno Lukovo we will see the 200-year-old church “St.St. Constantine and Helena”, built in 1806 by the Christians in the village. In the women’s section, there are neither frescoes nor altar, while the men’s section is decorated with carvings and frescoes, made by unknown carvers and painters. Frescoes themselves are very interesting and certainly remarkable.
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The village of Dolno Lukovo

Dolno Lukovo village is located just few km away from the border with Greece in the very south part of Ivaylovgrad region. The village ressembles architectural reserve with the well preserved stone houses, and typical silkworm houses. The local population numbers 110 inhabitants all of them breeding sesame and tobacco.

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Mezek Fortress

The Mezek Fortress, 6.5 decares (6,500 square metres) in area, is claimed to be among the best preserved Bulgarian medieval castles. It dates to the 11th century. The castle has nine towers, five of which lie at the vulnerable south wall. The Mezek Fortress was built out of stone, with two decorative lines of bricks on the outside. It suffered some destruction around 1900, when stones from the fortress were used for the construction of Ottoman barracks in Svilengrad.

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Winery Mezek

The philosophy of the owner is to produce ecologically pure wine, based on a technology, which makes the most of the idea “home winemaking”. Likewise, the winery offers to its quest wine tasting. In the vinification process it is used the century-old submerged cap fermentation technique.Read More »Winery Mezek

The ancient Thracian city of Perperikon, Bulgaria

The ancient Thracian city of Perperikon is located in the Eastern Rhodopes, 15 km northeast of the present-day town of Kardzhali, Bulgaria, on a 470 m high rocky hill, which is thought to have been a sacred place. The village of Gorna krepost (“Upper Fortress”) is located at the foot of the hill and the gold-bearing Perpereshka River flows nearby. Perperikon is the largest megalith ensemble site in the Balkans.

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