Four days exploring the middle and western Rhodope Mountain in Bulgaria from Sofia

During this trip you will visit and enjoy some of the most interesting places in the middle and partly in western Rhodope Mountain in south Bulgaria. The trip starts from Sofia and your first stop will be in the town of Smolyan. You can have here a short stroll before heading for the village of Smilyan, famous with the Clock Tower, the “Museum of beans” and the dairy called “Milky House”. Here you can taste the local Rhodope Mountain specialities. Then you continue to the village of Mogilitsa, where you will visit “Agushevite konatsi”, the neighbourhood Bukata with its architectural group “Hadjiyski kashti” and the village of Arda, almost at the Bulgaria – Greece border. In the region you can also visit the Uhlovitsa cave. Then you continue to the village of Shiroka Laka, Teshel, Buynovo Gorge with the Yagodinska cave and the panoramic platform “Orlovo oko”.  You will take a walk over the Trigard Gorge, will visit the Devil’s throat cave and will take a walk on the charming road between the villages of Jrebevo and Kesten.  You can try the famous Dospat trout in the town of Dospat on the Dospat Reservoir. On your way back to Sofia/your place, you will pass along the Batak Reservoir, which is one of the most captivating places in Rhodope Mountain.


Duration: 3 nights/4 days;
Places to be visited: the towns of Smolyan and Dospat; the villages of Smilyan, Bukata, Mogilitsa, Arda, Shiroka Laka, Jrebevo and Kesten; Buynovo and Trigrad gorges, Yagodinska and Devil’s throat cave; the panoramic platform Orlovo oko, Dospat dam lake, dam Lake Batak and Tsigov Chark area.
Period of travel: all year round;
Tour mileage: ca 616 km;
Price: take a look at the 3 options we offer below;


You will start your trip from Sofia. You’d need to depart early in the morning in order to reach the area at about noon. The first stop from your journey will be the town of Smolyan. After a short stroll through the town, you continue south to the Greek border, reaching the village of Smilyan.  The next stop will be the Milky House dairy, where besides the traditional milky products, Dutch and Swiss cheeses are also manufactured, using special Swiss and Dutch technologies. The next stop will be the village of Mogilitsa, famous for Agushevi konatsi, the 19th-century winter estate of a rich Ottoman feudal lord, Agush Aga, and his son. Two km away from the village is located in the neighborhood Bukata, where you may see the architectural group “Hadjiyski Kashti”. You will finish the day in the village of Arda, where you will spend the night and have a typical Rhodope dinner.


Your first stop for the day will be Uhlovitsa Cave, often called “the underground palace’ and it is one of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria. After the cave, you continue to the village of Shiroka Laka, famous for its authentic Rhodopean houses set in tiers on both banks of the local river. The next place to visit would be the Buynovsko Zhdrelo, a famous limestone gorge, located near the village of Yagodina. An interesting place to visit here is Yagodina cave. From the cave or from the village of Yagodina you will get on SUV’s, which will take you to the only of its kind in Bulgaria panoramic site Orlovo oko (Eagle Eye) on top St. Ilia, built at a height of 1563 m. Accomodation in the region.


After breakfast at the hotel, you head for Trigrad Gorge, sheer limestone cliffs that surround the river Trigradska. After the gorge, you continue the stroll along the road similar to a park alley towards the villages of Jrebevo and Kesten, among some of the most pastorally looking landscapes in Rhodopes. Then you continue to Dospat and Dospat Reservoir, where you will arrive in the early afternoon. The road here is particularly picturesque – ancient forests and lush meadows, herds of cows and sheep create this typical Rhodopes pastoral atmosphere. In Dospat you must try the famous Dospat trout. You will spend the night in a guest house.


After breakfast and the coffee at ease at the hotel, you head north through the mountains for Batak Reservoir and Tsigov Chark area, one of the most beautiful and remarkable places in Rhodope Mountains. From there you continue to Sofia.



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