The abandoned village of Gorno Lukovo in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria

While in Dolno Lukovo, there are still people living, this is not the case with Gorno Lukovo, a few kilometers far from Dolno Lukovo, right on the Bulgaria-Greece Border. In Gorno Lukovo, everything is in ruins. Nature slowly but relentlessly covers with its greenery the houses, once home and livelihood of thousands of inhabitants. The view of the half-destroyed places is touching. It is challenging to observe how the weeds destroy the houses, the walls, and the 350 years old church.

The main livelihood of the locals was the cultivation of sesame seeds, as well as sericulture. The huge multi-story houses in Gorno Lukovo are imposing. On the lower floor, the cattle were located to heat the home, on the second floor was the silkworm’s corner, and on the top floor lived the family. Today, the broken bricks and collapsed walls echo the former life in their ruins and in their long-gone owners’ obituaries.

View of abandoned stone houses in the ghost village of Gorno Lukovo, Eastern Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria




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