One day sightseeing tour from Varna to the region of Ruse on Danube River

This is a one-day sightseeing tour starting from Varna, Bulgaria. The tour includes the following places: The Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo (UNESCO) and the Nature Park “Rusenski Lom”, the orthodox cave monastery “Saint Dimitar Basarbowski” and the city of Rousse on Danube River.


Duration: one day; 

Places included: The Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo (UNESCO) and the Nature Park “Rusenski Lom”, the orthodox cave monastery “Saint Dimitar Basarbowski” and the city of Rousse on Danube River.

Period of travel: year-round;

Tour mileage: about 450 km;

Price: take a look at the 3 options we offer below;


This is a one-day trip starting from Varna, Bulgaria. Wake up early and head first to the Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo, a UNESCO heritage site. The religious complex includes a group of monolithic churches, chapels, and monasteries hewed out of the solid rock, which makes them pretty different from other monastery complexes in Bulgaria. You will find them near Ivanovo, 20 km south of Ruse, on the high rocky banks of the Rusenski Lom river, within the Rusenski Lom Nature Park. 

Then continue to the orthodox cave monastery “Saint Dimitar Basarbowski”. The oldest written mention of the Monastery dates to the 15th century in an Ottoman tax register. It is the only active rock monastery in Bulgaria. The path that leads to the Monastery passes through a beautifully landscaped yard and ends at a well. The water in the well is considered healing.

The most famous monk – St. Dimitar Besarbovski, was born in 1685 in the nearby village of Basarbovo. He spent his whole life here. 

In 1911 the archaeologist Karel Shkorpil visited the Monastery and described it in detail. In 1937 the monk Chrysanthemum settled in the Monastery and began to renovate it.

After exploring the Monastery, drive to the city of Ruse, have lunch, and a stroll around the city center and alongside Danube River.

Ruse is known for its 19th- and 20th-century Neo-Baroque and Neo-Rococo architecture. The first place to stop would be Freedom Square, the central square of Ruse, where all major city events are held. The two main shopping streets – Alexandrovska Street and Borisova street cross it, so you can find a variety of small cafes, restaurants, and shopping places.

The Ruse Regional Historical Museum occupies the building of the former Battenberg Palace. You will see the archeological collection of Shkorpil brothers and many others containing approximately 140,000 items, including prehistoric pottery and idol plastic arts, the Borovo treasure of the 4th century BC, the finds of excavations of the old Danube castles Yatrus and Sexaginta Pristaand, etc.  

The most exciting museum, however, is the National Transport Museum with a good collection of old steam locomotives situated on the Danube bank, in the country’s first railway station, built-in 1866. 

Have a pleasant evening stroll alongside the Danube river, enjoying the beautiful park and river panoramas.

In the late afternoon – departure back to Varna.


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