The Northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast in a Day from Varna

This one-day tour alongside the northern Bulgaria Black Sea Coast includes the following places: Balchik and the famous Balchik Palace with the largest Botanical Garden on the Balkan peninsula, Kaliakra nature and archaeological reserve, Bolata Bay, the archaeological reserve of Yaylata and the village of Tuylenovo.

Type: one day cultural heritage and sightseeing tour from Varna to the most interesting places alongside the northern Black Sea Coast by car; 

Duration: about 8-9 hours;

Places included: Balchik and the famous Balchik Palace with the largest Botanical Garden on the Balkan peninsula, Kaliakra nature and archaeological reserve, Bolata Bay, the archaeological reserve of Yaylata and the village of Tuylenovo;

Period of travel: all year round;

Tour mileage: about 200 km;

Price: Please take a look at the three options we offer below;


It is advisable to start from Varna as early as possible. The first stop would be Balchik, a Black Sea coastal town and seaside resort, 42 km northeast of Varna. The town sprawls scenically along hilly terraces descending from the Dobrudzha plateau to the sea.

The Balchik Palace was constructed between 1926 and 1937. It was used as a summer residence by the Romanian Quin Marie (Balchik was part of Romania). The palace complex consists of several residential villas, a smoking hall, a wine cellar, a power station, a monastery, a holy spring, a chapel and other buildings. The most impressive part, however, is the Botanical Garden. It 65,000 square metres large and accommodates more than 2000 plant species belonging to 85 families and 200 genera. The cactus collection is the second of its kind in Europe after Monaco. Large-sized cactus species are arranged outdoors on 1,000 square metres. It is really spectacular.

The next stop would be Kaliakra, nature and archaeological reserve and one of the most beautiful historic Capes in Europe. The Black sea coast in the area is steep with vertical cliffs reaching 70 m down to the sea. Kaliakra is a nature reserve, and if you are lucky, you can spot dolphins, cormorants and other animals and birds. In Spring and Autumn, you can observe the migration of birds, which is really spectacular. However, you would need a different kind of tour for this purpose. The coastline is home to several rare breeding birds (e.g. Pied Wheatear and a local race of European Shag).

It also features the remnants of the fortified walls, water-main, baths and residence of Despot Dobrotitsa in the short-lived Principality of Karvuna’s medieval capital.

The next stop will be the picturesque Bolata Bay, which is a protected area as well. The place represents a small cove with a perfect semi-circular shape, featuring a beautiful sandy beach.

You can have lunch and a glass of wine at one of the most charming restaurants in the region – “Dalboka”, located at Kaliakra Bay. The place is immaculate, which was the reason to be established the first in Bulgaria mussels farms in 1993. They are specialised in cultivation and production of ecologically clean Black Sea mussels (Muthilus Gallaprovincialis).

After lunch, continue to the protected area and archaeological reserve of Yaylata, located about one km south of Kamen Bryag. You will enjoy the unique natural beauty here, combined with multiple remains of ancient civilisations and mysteries of the past.
You will not miss the small fortress, situated on the northern part of the plane terrace known as the Big Yayla. The place dominates the surrounding terrain. It is separated from the sea by 20 m high rocky cliffs to the north and east. There are a significant number of human-hand carved caves on the reserve territory, either single or grouped in complexes. At the “Big Yayla” they are 101. They were fully described and documented with geologists and technicians’ help. You will also see over 120 grave constructions in three cemeteries. They were cut into the even rocky plateau or in the steep vertical cliffs.

“Yailata” preserves significant and exciting cultural and historical monuments and presents a unique natural environment. More than 178 bird species nest here or stop for a while on their route to wintering places in African. In the National, Reserve “Yailata” are registered more than 270 species of fauna.

The last place for the day will be the picturesque village of Tuylenovo. There are fishing harbour, a small beach and a lovely new restaurant where you can dine. 

In the late afternoon or after dinner at the restaurant drive back to Varna.


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